The Power Of Optimism: The Key To A Positive Life

The Power Of Optimism: The Key To A Positive Life

By Rob Dial

On today’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Podcast we’re setting you up for a pretty great day today and potentially every other day in your life moving forward if you can catch what I’m throwing with this episode.

Every single one of us knows what happiness feels like, and yet many of us struggle to put it into words. The reality is that “happiness” means something different to everyone. However, I believe that regardless of what happiness means for you, it really all boils down to 1 very specific realization.

That 1 realization is that happiness is a state of mind that can only exist when desires are absent. That’s not entirely all there is to it though, but I strongly believe that “desire” is the one true barrier between being happy and not. Desire is a contract that we make for ourselves to NOT be happy, until we have what it is that we want.

In this episode we’ll unpack what desire really is, how it hurts us, and everything else you need to fully understand in order to start looking at life with new eyes today and get closer to living a more fulfilling life of peace and happiness.

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