The Legacy Christian Academy Scandal—Part 2

The Legacy Christian Academy Scandal—Part 2

By Kristi Lee | Canadian True Crime

[ Part 2 of 3 ] Caitlin Erickson makes a discovery that prompts her to give a statement to police.


Content Warning: This series is about allegations of physical, sexual, psychological and spiritual abuse of students and minors at their church-run Christian school. There is heavy focus on corporal punishment, details of grooming and sexual assault of minors, mention of anti-LGBTQ+ and racist rhetoric, mention of self-harm and suicidal ideation. While these allegations have resulted in criminal charges, they haven’t yet been proven or tested in court.

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CLASS ACTION: See Latest info and download the Legal Statement of Claim [PDF]CBC News investigation: Exorcisms, violent discipline and other abuse alleged by former students of private Sask. Christian school | CBC News by Jason WarickView News clippings and other archival evidence downloaded [PDF]Follow Caitlin Erickson on Twitter and TiktokSubscribe to the Legacy of Abuse Podcast and follow on TikTok, Twitter, and PatreonDonate to the gofundme for the Legacy of Abuse Class Action Lawsuit.

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