A Unified Front in Activism - Jessica Dunne

A Unified Front in Activism - Jessica Dunne

By Ceara Carney

Jessica Dunne is an activist I met at the recent Mary Robinson Climate Conference. She has put thousands of hours into campaigning for a just future across various groups such as Fridays For Future and Young Friends of the Earth. I wanted to interview her for advice on people (young or old) looking to join the movement, and also discuss the importance of having a unified front! You can follow her on Twitter @UpNorthsCold or Instagram @UpNorthItGetsCold

[06:50] Jessica’s inspiration for being aware of the climate emergency[10:30] How Jessica keeps momentum on activism & recruiting more people[14:10] Her experience of not being valued as a young activist[20:10] Mary Robinson climate conference experience & having a unified front[36:45] Favourite protest moments[39:40] Solidarity vs allyship

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