Light Pollution Consequences & Solutions - Georgia, Mayo Dark Skies

Light Pollution Consequences & Solutions - Georgia, Mayo Dark Skies

By Ceara Carney

Light pollution can often be overlooked as harmful to the environment as it’s taught to result in aesthetic consequences. Thankfully there are people like Georgia from Friends of Mayo Dark Skies working hard to not only educate people, but implement changes at local and national levels to ‘light right’. Keep up to date with their work on Twitter @MayoDarkSkies Facebook or Instagram @MayoDarkSkies or find all you need to know on or Annual festival information is available on

[04:10] Georgia introduces herself and her path into the Dark Sky movement

[07:55] What’s the problem with light pollution?

[09:50] Statistics of street lighting in Ireland & lives they affect

[11:55] Why moths etc are attracted to lights

[13:15] The colour of lights matters

[16:20] Light pollution culprits & countries that are improving light regulation

[21:25] How Newport in Mayo improved their lighting

[26:10] What can community members do in the garden and at home to improve lighting

Galloway Dark Sky Park in Scotland

Essex part night lighting scheme

Marnie Ogg dark sky Australia

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