Michael & The Former Psychic: "It Was Fine Until the Demon Touched Me"

Michael & The Former Psychic: "It Was Fine Until the Demon Touched Me"

By The Daily Wire

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Embark on a riveting journey with Michael Knowles, brought to you by The Daily Wire, as he sits down with Jenn Nizza, an ex-psychic, to unearth the mysteries and truths behind the world of psychic phenomena. This revealing conversation promises to shed light on a realm that remains shrouded in intrigue for many.


From predictions and premonitions to the often-misunderstood nuances of the psychic profession, Jenn Nizza provides an unprecedented insider's view. Her transformation from a practicing psychic to an ex-psychic opens a treasure trove of stories, experiences, and revelations.


Whether you've always been curious about the psychic world, skeptical about its practices, or somewhere in between, this candid interview is poised to offer insights, answers, and perhaps even more questions.


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