The Circleville Letters (Part Two)

The Circleville Letters (Part Two)

By Unresolved Productions

"I thought whoever this person was, you know, certainly they wouldn't go to the extent of putting a real gun in there just to scare me."

For several months, Mary Gillispie had been receiving taunting letters from an unknown writer, the contents of which alleged she'd been having an affair with her boss. These letters evolved over time, ultimately becoming a full-fledged harassment campaign against Mary, her family, and others in their small community of Circleville, Ohio.

The harassment had gone on for years, and police were no closer to figuring out the author's identity than they had been when the first letters were received in 1977. But in February of 1983, things took an unexpected turn...

Part 2/2

Research & writing by Bethany Branson

Hosting & production by Micheal Whelan

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