I Need A Birthday Menu For My Tiny Apartment

I Need A Birthday Menu For My Tiny Apartment

By Bon Appétit

Ira Madison III is no stranger to hosting. He hosts Crooked Media's Keep It Podcast. But outside of podcasting, he loves his friends, cookbooks, and hosting dinner parties. However, he recently moved to a much smaller space and is out of practice hosting. Chris and Maya Kaimal help Ira complete his short yet ambitious wishlist, which includes finding a fun recipe from a great cookbook author, and hosting his own birthday party.

The recipes:

Chicken Tikka Skewers

Chopped Kachumber Salad

Minty Cucumber Raita

Dishoom's Chicken Berry Britannia

Classic pork vindaloo

Dishoom's Gunpowder Potato 

Maya's Herby Roasted Potatoes

White Turnip Tarka Salad

Roasted Tomato Tarka with Yogurt

Chili Cheese Toast

For more, check out Maya's book Indian Flavor Every Day

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