How To Master Your Emotions: A Guide to Emotional Intelligence

How To Master Your Emotions: A Guide to Emotional Intelligence

By Rob Dial

Welcome to today’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Podcast. Today I’m diving deep into one of the biggest super powers that we as humans have…

In my opinion, it’s what separates us from any other specifies in the universe, and makes us human. I’m talking about your emotional intelligence. 

If you don’t know what that is, emotional intelligence is the ability to manage BOTH your own emotions, and understand the emotions of the people around you so that you can better navigate through your entire life. 

Trust me on this one, emotional intelligence is not just an “extra” skill set that you can develop for your life… but rather it’s one of the most fundamental skillsets that I believe you should care about mastering in order to thrive and survive through your life. (You’ll see what I mean by the end of this.) 

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