The Dharma of Work | Matthew Hepburn

The Dharma of Work | Matthew Hepburn

By Ten Percent Happier

The office might be one of the most difficult places to not side with yourself, but it’s a concept that can help you navigate challenging situations at work.

Matthew is a meditation and dharma teacher with more than a decade of teaching experience and a passion for getting real about what it means to live well. He emphasizes humor, technique, and authentic kindness as a means to free the mind from unnecessary struggle and leave a healthier impact on the world. 

Beyond Ten Percent Happier, Matthew has taught in prisons, schools, corporate events and continues to teach across North America in buddhist centers offering intensive silent retreats and dharma for urban daily life. 

In this episode we talk about:

How to change your relationship to your thoughtsHow to navigate the highs of praise and the lows of blameHow to handle relationships at work when giving or receiving feedbackHow to bring your mindfulness practice to your workplace

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