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23. The Sound that Stops the World: Paul Fisher

23. The Sound that Stops the World: Paul Fisher


The RNLI’s Senior Operations Manager explains how a lifeboat crew comes together

How were lifeboat crews alerted in the days before pagers? What if a crew member’s pager goes off during Christmas dinner? Or a wedding? And why is a shout called a shout? The RNLI’s Paul Fisher reveals the surprising ways in which volunteer crews have been called into action to save those they’ve never met. The methods may have changed, but the lifesavers' commitment and selflessness remain.

200 Voices is produced by Adventurous Audio for the RNLI  

Interview by the RNLI's Darren Crew 

Soundtrack composed and performed by Jon Nicholls      

The RNLI is a charity celebrating 200 years of saving lives at sea - find out more at  

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