Mindfully Communicating Climate News - Darragh Wynne

Mindfully Communicating Climate News - Darragh Wynne

By Ceara Carney

Darragh Wynne is a climate activist and host of the Climate Alarm Clock podcast, which you would have heard me chat about before. It’s a wonderful climate news podcast, based in Ireland and definitely worth checking out. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts, and keep up to date with them on ‘X’ @theclimatealarm or Instagram @climatealarmclock.

I had a lovely time hearing Darragh’s story and talking through how we can improve climate communications. Below is a list of everything covered!

[06:15] Interview begins

[14:00] Tips for people who feel alone in the climate movement

[18:00] The COVID Alarm Clock podcast

[19:55] How the media have improved and what they can do better

[26:25] Darragh’s tips on managing his mental health while reporting on climate news

[29:45] How to communicate the need for climate action outside of the climate bubble

[33:40] Ripple effects experienced in his activism

[41:45] Darragh’s favourite thing about the future

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