God And Satan Laugh As Musk Loses Mind

God And Satan Laugh As Musk Loses Mind

By God

Psyche and the Dark Lord Satan join God to discuss Christmas-themed tortures and layoffs in Hell, then swiftly move onto the Satan Show! For all the latest entertainment news like free speech champion Elon creating the Musk Effect by going on a journalist banning spree, the Brown’s breakup, forced monogamy, and Dax Shepard praising his wife Kristen Bell for doing a chore he didn’t do. 

Later in the episode, the gang learns something new about the band POD and reads a boring 1-star review from a guy who knows Gary Coleman. On Therapy With Psyche, God is fine, Satan recovered from a cold, they learn Psyche’s evil twin’s name, Satan reads a sexy email from Gmail security, God and Satan vibe over TV talk, and pathetic grifter Trump releases NFT trading cards that are so hilariously bad even his followers threw up a bit in their mouths. 

All that and more, so throw on some Christmas music, and listen to the bestest podcast on this side of the galaxy!

And if you need to talk to someone, dial the crisis hotline 988 and speak to someone today! 

The God Pod: Have It Yahweh!

After 6000 years of running the universe, God realized that Satan is kicking his butt, like, really bad. Over the centuries and despite lots of trying, God has not been able to smite the forces of evil. So, he started a podcast to do just that. Full of fun and heart, the God Pod is a twice-weekly opportunity for God to hang out with his fellow deities and maybe even meet some interesting humans.


The God Pod is everywhere! 

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