Satan Very Worried Over FBI Nuclear Probe

Satan Very Worried Over FBI Nuclear Probe

By God

On the next Most Holy episode of the God Pod: Psyche returns for group therapy with Me and Satan. I do My incredible impressions of a goat, Mike Pence, and Norm McDonald. We discuss My continuous Smitings of Trump, the ghost of Ivana, and speculate about who the FBI informer could be. 

On Satan Today, we introduce the new dating game ‘Shoot Your Shot With Satan,’ the latest celeb gossip, and Ezra Miller’s fall from grace. 

After 6000 years of running the universe, God realized that Satan is kicking his butt, like, really bad. Over the centuries and despite lots of trying, God has not been able to smite the forces of evil. So, he started a podcast to do just that. Full of fun and heart, the God Pod is a twice-weekly opportunity for God to hang out with his fellow deities and maybe even meet some interesting humans.


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