Retired Porn Star Lianne Young | Ep.146 | The Vialucci Podcast

Retired Porn Star Lianne Young | Ep.146 | The Vialucci Podcast

By The Vialucci Podcast - UNcensored Conversations

On today's X-Rated show Katie and Theo are joined by retired Porn Queen of England Lianne Young.

Lianne has had a life with a lot of up's and a lot of down's but she has always been someone who plays by her rules, regardless of the costs.

She gives us some background info on things which take place on an adult film set (good and bad), how she ended up in Porn, and also goes on to tell us about how she made it out of the industry.

Now with lessons learned the hard way she wishes to make sure people entering the adult industry know what to expect and how best to protect themselves, mentally and physically. She'll be doing this via her educational endeavour House of Ardent from where she can be contacted as an Educational Consultant for the adult industries.

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