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34. A Buddy Story: Jeff Everett

34. A Buddy Story: Jeff Everett


When Jeff Everett’s diving buddy signalled that something was wrong, their dive on a WW1 shipwreck quickly became an emergency  

They were 29m underwater, diving the wreck of the St Dunstan, when Jeff Everett’s diving buddy Robin suddenly indicated that he had a problem and needed to ascend. To avoid the ‘bends’, which can be fatal, this must be done slowly.  

Connected by a ‘buddy line’ to prevent either diver from getting lost, they started their ascent, but it was dangerously fast. Jeff recalls the terrifying realisation that his buddy’s life was in danger.  

200 Voices is produced by Adventurous Audio for the RNLI   

Interview by Adventurous Audio 

Soundtrack composed and performed by Jon Nicholls   

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