An Intro to Doughnut Economics - Roisin Markham

An Intro to Doughnut Economics - Roisin Markham

By Ceara Carney

I've been wanting to cover Doughnut Economics (DE) since I heard of Kate Raworth who coined the theory. Economics is NOT my strong point, so I was delighted to meet Roisin Markham at an even in Cloughjordan Eco Village who has - almost accidentally - become one of the reps for DE in Ireland. She's also a brilliant visual artist and all around amazing, generous individual. Stay up to date with her on @creativedynamix on socials 

[03:25] Interview begins

[04:15] Owning ‘I’m a climate activist’

[06:55] Who inspired Róisín’s connection with the Earth

[10:25] Getting in to Doughnut Economics & what it means

[18:45] Systems thinking explained

[22:55] Being agnostic about growth

[26:15] Circular economics fitting in to DE

[30:55] How IDEN is engaging and educate communities

[36:25] Other ‘leaves’ Roisin has for listeners: advocating for climate in the job you’re already doing

[45:45] Roisin’s favourite things about the future

Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist by Kate Raworth

DEAL - Doughnut Economics Action Lab - people can sign up

National Doughnuts

Good Life Leeds Study  

Ireland's Doughnut 

IDEN Irish Doughnut Economics Network -  it has a sign up link on the front page

Profile on DEAL 

Getting started page; has links for more information

Work on Climate - run by ex-Google employees

Hurd app - input data on your company's climate action

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