Brokeback Hilltop - with John Barklow and John Dudley

Brokeback Hilltop - with John Barklow and John Dudley

By Andy Stumpf

We are diving deep into the roots of hunting, archery precision, and survival strategies. John Dudley, with his wealth of experience in archery, enlightens us on the developments in bowhunting, the pursuit of precision, and his illustrious journey in the sport, illuminating the intricacies and the passion fueling the archery world. Simultaneously, John Barklow, with his extensive background in outdoor survival and big game hunting, unpacks the complexities of sustainable hunting, navigation through the wild, and developing survival instincts.

Together, Dudley and Barklow discuss the interconnection between their respective fields, reflecting on the symbiotic relationship between archery and survival skills and offering a discussion on the convergence of their experiences in the wild terrains. We covered everything from adaptability in harsh conditions, innovations in hunting equipment, and the future of sustainable hunting and archery.

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