We're Baaaaaack! Season 2 Trailer

We're Baaaaaack! Season 2 Trailer

By OffScript

Andi + Miquita Oliver return and are super excited about the return of the podcast, and have lined up an incredible cast list for season 2!

The format stays the same: each guest will bring with them a "plus one", somebody close to them, who knows them well and will bring out a side to them ( and stories!) that you might not have seen, or heard before.

As ever, Andi will prepare an incredible meal, Miquita will make a special drink, and everyone will get round the table and let the conversation flow.

This season there's even MORE to enjoy, as we will be releasing TWO podcasts a week. "Stirring It Up: Extra Helpings" will be released a few days after the main podcast, with more about Andi's recipes, extra content from the main interview, reactions from the guests to their meal, plus unedited post interview chat with Andi and Miquita. We'd also like to hear from YOU, if you have any questions, so give us a follow and send us a message on our Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/stirringitup/.

Episode 1 launches Thursday October 12th.

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