3: Ollie Veets WHAT?! Ft. Liv Bentley

3: Ollie Veets WHAT?! Ft. Liv Bentley

By JamPot Productions

Trigger Warning: Ollie & Gareth discuss baby loss and miscarriage in this episode.

The Locke-Locke’s are back this week with a very special guest & Godmother… The one & only Liv Bently!

Liv spills the dirt on what it’s REALLY like to live with the couple, what she’d do if she was a man for the day (*hint* it’s not PG) and how Ollie & Gareth asked her to be a Godparent. 

The NewlyDads also share some of your shocking ’New Deliveries’, tell us about their very limited sex life and Ollie veeting his crack…

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