6: Ollie and Gareth would ask WHO?! to be their babysitter

6: Ollie and Gareth would ask WHO?! to be their babysitter

By JamPot Productions

True or False? Ollie’s greatest fear is not being famous.You guessed it!

This week Ollie reveals why his new beard is giving him SLEEPLESS nights.

The NewlyDads chat about their first holiday with the twins, and how the preparation (or lack of) had Gareth on Google searching for divorce lawyers.They also tackle the trolls head on and address some of the recent internet hate that they’ve received for being ‘bad parents’. And as it’s the spookiest day of the year, they chat about their upcoming Halloween plans, and drop what could be their scariest name drop to yet… CARRIE JOHNSON.

PLUS, we have some interesting new deliveries for you & the NewlyDads rate which famous fictional villain they’d ask to babysit Cosima and Apollo.

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