TSP #24 - Alex Murdaugh’s Judicial Terrorism Fools The Media Again:  The Latest In The New Trial Motion

TSP #24 - Alex Murdaugh’s Judicial Terrorism Fools The Media Again: The Latest In The New Trial Motion

By Luna Shark

Once again, the prosecution is proving that Alex Murdaugh is nothing more than a judicial terrorist; and his lawyers will stop at nothing to carry out his orders. True Sunlight Co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell discuss the South Carolina Attorney General’s response to Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin’s motion for Alex to get a new murder trial. For the past two months, the headlines have all but celebrated Dick and Jim’s claims of jury-tampering. Now, a fiery response to that motion — filled with Big Creighton Energy — shows just how wrong the accusations are. A lot of you have asked how you can get signed copies of Blood on their hands and now we have answers. There is a very limited supply of signed copies available at Mandy's event at USC in Columbia, SC presented by the School of Information & Communications this Monday at 7pm.  This will be the ONLY opportunity to buy a book a day early and get it signed after the show. And for Premium Members only, we'll be at the Roasting Room in Bluffton, SC for a special Premium Member appreciation event Thursday November 16th at 7pm. Click the link to learn more: https://lunasharkmedia.com/event/stayperkyandpesky/ Visit our new events page Lunasharkmedia.com/events where you can learn about the upcoming in-person and virtual appearances from hosts! And check out Mandy's new article in Newsweek where she talks about her journey and what's next. Phew... that's a lot we know... so enjoy the show and stay in the sunlight! Join Luna Shark Premium today at Lunashark.Supercast.com. Premium Members also get access to searchable case files, written articles with documents, case photos, episode videos and exclusive live experiences with our hosts on lunasharkmedia.com all in one place. CLICK HERE to learn more: https://bit.ly/3BdUtOE. And for those just wanting ad-free listening without all the other great content, we now offer ad-free listening on Apple Podcast through a subscription to Luna Shark Plus on the Apple Podcasts App. SUNscribe to our free email list to get alerts on bonus episodes, calls to action, new shows and updates. CLICK HERE to learn more: https://bit.ly/3KBMJcP And a special thank you to our sponsors: Microdose.com, PELOTON, and VUORI. Use promo code "MANDY" for a special offer! For current & accurate updates: TrueSunlight.com facebook.com/TrueSunlightPodcast/ Instagram.com/TrueSunlightPod Twitter.com/mandymatney Twitter.com/elizfarrell youtube.com/@LunaSharkMedia Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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