Outgrowing Friends & Calling CPS On My Mom

Outgrowing Friends & Calling CPS On My Mom

By PodcastOne

CC318: This morning we learn that Lindsie does NOT know who Benjamin Franklin is and that Kail still hasn't unpacked her luggage from Mexico... wow. Adrienna Bailon's comment about her being a D-list celebrity gives some perspective to Lindsie and Kail on their own status. A conversation about outgrowing friendships and evolving through the years reminds both Lindsie and Kail about the unhinged and borderline illegal things their parents said to them to keep them in line. Kail recounts the time she called CPS on her mom. For Foul Play, a listener's neighbors get to hear her during her Happy Time, and a reminder to maybe buy a privacy screen for your phone if you got nosey family members. 

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