Finding the Wonder in Nature - Anja Murray

Finding the Wonder in Nature - Anja Murray

By Ceara Carney

It was such an honour to chat to Anja Murray who many of you may know from being the presenter of Eco Eye. She also is a writer (Wild Embrace & a weekly column with the Irish Examiner), a radio show host (Naturefile with RTE Lyfric FM) on top of having worked in policy in the NGO sector for many years. You can follow her on Instagram @miseanja & X @miseanja. I hope you enjoy taking a leaf out of her book and find the wonder in nature.

[02:40] Anja begins by introducing herself[04:15] What motivated Anja to get active[07:40] What working in policy & advocacy is like[14:45] Why decision makers are so reluctant and how can we change that[18:10] How Anja began working in broadcasting[23:45] Why she wrote her book and the importance of connecting to the wonder of nature[35:10] Three legged stool metaphor: action, knowledge, wonder[38:45] Tips for spending time in nature[52:15] Imagining the future

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