Human Rights Activist - Leslee Udwin | Ep.152 | The Vialucci Podcast

Human Rights Activist - Leslee Udwin | Ep.152 | The Vialucci Podcast

By The Vialucci Podcast - UNcensored Conversations

Leslee is a Jewish-British filmmaker, actress, director, producer and human rights activist. Her most acclaimed role being that of Director to the incredibly powerful 2015 documentary INDIA'S DAUGHTER, about the brutal gang rape on a Delhi bus of a 23 year old medical student Jyoti Singh, who later died from her injuries.

In 2012, it made international headlines and ignited protests by women (and men) in India and around the world. BAFTA winning filmmaker Leslee Udwin, herself a victim of rape, went to India inspired by the protests against sexual assault to expose what had happened as well as why.

This experience led Leslee to create Think Equal, a ground breaking education program designed to break the mold within the education system and create real change to how children and taught in schools.

Please listen in to this truly remarkable person.

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