Jimi Famurewa - Home From Home

Jimi Famurewa - Home From Home

By OffScript

Restaurant Critic, Author, Presenter and Podcast Host Jimi Famurewa joins Andi and Miquita at the table - and he's brought his amazing mum with him! The first time on the podcast...

Special times all round as the two are treated to a new recipe of lamb and prune stew, fungee, roast cabbage and more, whilst Miquita serves up a potent hot buttered rum.

The talk turns to heritage, ancestry, and duality, food, faith and culture - themes very prevalent in Jimi's book "Settlers" and in his own podcast "Where's Home Really?".

Also - What does love look like? what's it like being a food critic? What was Jimi like as a child? And just how good is mum's jollof rice?

All these questions, and more are answered in a gorgeous afternoon amongst friends.

An Offscript Production, and YaYa Production.

Produced by Tayo Popoola and Tom Jenkins.

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