Life on a billionaire’s superyacht: The real below deck

Life on a billionaire’s superyacht: The real below deck

By Alex Melia

Will was 21 years old and working on a superyacht travelling from Malta to the Maldives. He was living a young man’s fantasy, the life he’d dreamed of since being a young boy.

His shift had just come to an end when the shrill ringing of the fire alarm went off. Will’s first response was irritation at having to perform another drill; that was until he saw his Chief Officer running on-deck in his pyjamas screaming “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!”

Will and the rest of the crew waited for the fire team to show up, but no-one was coming. Knowing how flammable a superyacht could be, it would eventually be up to Will himself, along with other members of the crew, to  stop his dream from becoming a nightmare.

Alex Melia, and the Stories of Men team are on a mission to uncover what it means to live an independent and meaningful life. We'll be sharing this knowledge with you every week.

We’d like to extend our appreciation to today’s guest, Will. His engaging and enlightening recollections of life at sea provide some fascinating insights. They also provide a vital part of the puzzle as we try to piece together what it means to be a man in today’s world.

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