Cherletta Baber-Bey & Keyona Griffin

Cherletta Baber-Bey & Keyona Griffin

By Unresolved Productions

"The unusual part about it is how he's been able to just completely disappear..."

On 13 March 2019, at approximately 10:29 AM, emergency dispatchers in Grand Rapids, Michigan received a 9-1-1 call from a cell phone. In the minute-long conversation that followed, the female caller whispered about someone trying to kill her, and urged for police to arrive quickly. Officers show up at the address she gave roughly seven minutes later, but observed no suspicious behavior so they soon left.

A little over two hours later, officers were called back to the home located along Sheldon Avenue. Inside, they would discover the bodies of two women, members of the same family who lived together. Investigators would even find the murder weapon at the scene, a pistol stolen roughly two years prior. But missing entirely was one of the women's boyfriends, a man of many aliases who has been missing since that fateful Wednesday, alleged to still be hiding in plain sight...

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