Aron Christensen

Aron Christensen

By Unresolved Productions

"While hiking on the trail, both individuals stated they heard growling noises and saw the eyes of what they believed to be a wild animal..."

On the morning of 19 August 2022, 49-year-old Aron Christensen set out on a solo hiking trip alongside his puppy, Buzzo. Already camping with a large group of friends, nobody thought twice about Aron setting out on a little solo trip amidst the festivities. An experienced outdoorsman, Aron promised to be back by the following night to help prepare dinner.

By the following afternoon, though, the group that Aron had been with had started to grow concerned. That concern began to turn into fear when they noticed a cop car responding to a crime scene at the campground they'd been staying at. Shortly thereafter, they'd learn that a man's body had been found...

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Between the Harvest and the Hunter's Moon by Supplemental Hearts:

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Additional music includes Unresolved Mysteries by Ailsa Traves (podcast theme song, end credits)

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