The Warminster "Thing"

The Warminster "Thing"

By Unresolved Productions

This is a re-broadcast of an older episode from 2018.

On Christmas Day 1964, a housewife living just outside of Warminster, England reported an odd experience. She claimed to have heard an odd sound that reverberated across the countryside, described as "branches being dragged across gravel." A local newspaper would report this woman's finding several weeks later, but the woman's account was seemingly verified by dozens of other witnesses who all reported the same exact thing.

Soon enough, the town of Warminster was besieged by UFO enthusiasts, who hoped to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon that the media had started calling "The Thing." Decades later, the mystery continues to linger...

Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan

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Music Credits

ROZKOL - "Go Then There Are Other Worlds Than These"

Borrtex - "Creeping"

Pulse Emitter - "Moonlit Valley"

ROZKOL - "Golden Sphere"

Marcos H. Bolanos - "Radioheart"

Percival Pembroke - "Untitled Nude No. 7"

Other music created and composed by Ailsa Traves

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