Leaving the 'High Life' for the Bigger Picture - Tom Butler

Leaving the 'High Life' for the Bigger Picture - Tom Butler

By Ceara Carney

Tom Butler, together with his wife Pam, run an organisation called Astræa, through which they inspire people to think, act, and live in harmony with the planet and each other. They grow food on a small organic farm, host classes, sell books and much more. At their root, they are two people using their time on the planet to create positive change. It was a pleasure to chat to Tom and learn of his fascinating story. My mind was whirring with inspiration through this chat, I'm sure yours will too! You can find their website here or stay up to date with them on Instagram @BreatheThinkFlow.

[05:50] Tom introduces himself and his story / leaving the high life.

[17:50] Moving to Carlow

[20:10] Knowing your ancestors

[25:40] Astræa

[31:50] Feast Upon The Earth timescape book & exhibition.

[47:20] The meaning of ‘Breathe, think, flow’

Books mentioned:

The Serpent and the Goddess

Feast Upon The Earth


From What Is to What If

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