Sharif Rahman  //////  728

Sharif Rahman ////// 728


Sharif Rahman  //////  728

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On a Thursday night in August of 2023 business owner and pillar of the community Sharif Rahman was attacked outside of his Owen Sound, Ontario restaurant.  Sadly, Sharif did not survive.  Since that night, police have been asking the public to help them to identify three men and a vehicle all linked to the murder.  Sharif was attacked on 8/17/2023 between 9 and 9:30PM.  There are photos available of suspects #1 and #2.  Police have made public a photo of a vehicle linked to the case as well.  We will post these images on our social accounts - see below.  People who may have further information or videos and photos are asked to contact Owen Sound Police (Ontario) at 519-376-1234 or Detective Constable Geoff Bridgeman at 

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