Diana Davis

Diana Davis

By Unresolved Productions

"For us not to hear anything from her, we feel like something is definitely wrong. This has been a nightmare that won't end."

On the evening of 29 July 2020, a silver Chevy Impala was found engulfed in flame in a Tacoma, Washington alleyway. This was a street that didn't receive much thru-traffic, so there weren't any security or surveillance cameras, making it the perfect place to torch a car and get away without being seen.

Investigators would attempt to track down the owner of the vehicle, 50-year-old Diana Davis from nearby Auburn, but were unable to find her. Friends and family hadn't seen or heard from her since July 27th. As police would learn, Diana had last been seen in Tacoma, but had seemingly driven up to Seattle before going dark. Then, a week after her vehicle was discovered burning in an alleyway, Diana's remains were found roughly 70 miles to the east...

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