Where is my dad? How absent fathers shape men

Where is my dad? How absent fathers shape men

By Alex Melia

It was a day out with the family. Despite not knowing where they were going, Paul and his brother were extremely excited to be taken out by their relatives; they didn’t usually get taken out at all. 

Like two “coiled springs” they leaped out of the car as soon as it pulled up. Soon after they were bundled into a Victorian, stone building. They marched up the steps, excited about what they would find once they reached the top. Eventually they emerged into a room where there was an abundance of individuals bustling around. 

At first everything was unfamiliar but it was with great surprise that Paul would see a face that he recognised  behind a wall of glass: the man who should’ve been his role model.

Alex Melia, and the Stories of Men team are on a mission to uncover what it means to live an independent and meaningful life. We'll be sharing this knowledge with you every week.

We’d like to extend our appreciation to today’s guest, Paul. His open and stirring reflections on what it is like trying to be a good man without having a good role model are both affecting and inspiring. They also provide a vital part of the puzzle as we try to piece together what it means to be a man in today’s world.


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