The Addiction of Overthinking

The Addiction of Overthinking

By Rob Dial

Ever feel like your thoughts are running a marathon in your head? You're not alone! In this episode, we explore the fascinating world of our minds and how we can overcome the habit of overthinking.

I'll be sharing insights from the inspiring book "The Power of Now" and discussing the concept of 'I' (our true self) vs. 'self' (our conditioned self). It’s all about understanding who we truly are, beneath all the labels society throws at us.

Plus, I've got some cool analogies (like changing a red triangle to a blue square in your mind) and practical tips to help you observe and change your thought patterns. It's all about using our minds as a tool, not letting them control us. 🛠️

Remember, every thought is an opportunity to shape our reality. So, let's embrace the journey of mindfulness together, stay present in the moment, and learn to guide our thoughts towards positivity and gratitude.

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