Gok Wan - The Soul Particle

Gok Wan - The Soul Particle

By OffScript

Presenter, Stylist, DJ, Cook and Author Gok Wan is the latest brilliant guest to join Andi and Miquita around the table. Gok Wan's brings his dear friend, the incredible Fanny McPhee ("My real name is Allison, but Fanny is funnier") along.

Andi cooks up a new recipe of pumpkin and carrot terrine, with a blood orange glaze while Miquita makes up some delicious Bloody Marys to lubricate the afternoon. We hear about Gok's early life in Leicester, drama school, his love of music, his new obsession with running, and the fantastic love and friendship between himself and Fanny McPhee.

Singer and performer Fanny was diagnosed with terminal cancer. During the lunch she talks warmly, openly and humorously about her journey to acceptance, the importance of her friendship with Gok, and the lessons on life that she has learned. "I was diagnosed 6 years ago, since then I've had the best time of my life".

A fantastic episode of laughter, and tears, and laughter again...

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