This Is Why We Suffer

This Is Why We Suffer

By Rob Dial

In today's episode, we're understanding the difference between pain and suffering.  Pain, my friends, is part of our journey – it's those unavoidable bumps we hit along the road of life. But suffering? That's a whole different story. It's more about how we choose to react to these bumps. Let's explore this together!

We'll take a little trip back to our childhood days. Remember when we were kids, just being our goofy, authentic selves? But as we grew, things changed. We learned to adjust ourselves for acceptance, love, and to fit in – both with our families and society. It's kind of like putting on different masks to match different stages of our lives. But here's the catch – in doing so, many of us lost touch with who we truly are.

This episode is all about rediscovering and embracing our true selves. Whether we've tried and failed to be someone else, or even succeeded in it, the real victory lies in accepting and loving our genuine selves. It's not just about the shiny, happy parts, but also those quirky, not-so-perfect bits. Because guess what? That's what makes us wonderfully human!

I'm here to guide you on this beautiful, lifelong journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. It's not a sprint; it's a marathon with no finish line. And it's all about learning to love every part of ourselves – the good, the bad, and everything in between.


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