Mike DeBardeleben (Part One: The Mall Passer)

Mike DeBardeleben (Part One: The Mall Passer)

By Unresolved Productions

"His technique was to go from shopping center to shopping center, passing phony notes at malls. You can pass $20 bills in a real hurry that way."

In August 1979, a prominent counterfeiter attracted the attention of the U.S. Secret Service. Having created his own bogus $20 bills, this individual would begin to distribute them throughout the continental United States, using them in at least 44 states and netting more than $130,000 in the process.

Over roughly four years, federal investigators attempted to determine who this individual was and whether he was part of a larger network. Dubbed the "Mall Passer" for his propensity to launder his counterfeit cash through shopping centers and malls, Secret Service agents finally saw their chance to capture this mysterious individual in May of 1983. But when the opportunity came, these agents discovered that there was much more to this counterfeiter than they ever could have imagined...

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