Goal Setting is... 'A Piece of Cake' with Adrienne Adhami

Goal Setting is... 'A Piece of Cake' with Adrienne Adhami

By Global

This episode RULES. Quite literally! If anyone deserves to hold the mic, it’s today’s incredible guest Adrienne Adhami. Adrienne is a Leading Wellness Professional, International Keynote Speaker and Goal Setting Expert, who you may know best from her popular podcast and book ‘Power Hour’. So how can we make specific goals and stick to them without giving up? We are humans after all! Get your best pens and paper out, because it’s time to invest in a plan and be real - it’s a piece of cake.

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Produced by Emily Sandford, Photography by Jiksaw, Artwork by Bill Roberts & Hannah Sims, Video Footage by Samson Falodun. The Head of Comedy and Entertainment Podcasts at Global is Chris Lander

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