A Kingston Predator: Richard Charles Joyce—Part 2

A Kingston Predator: Richard Charles Joyce—Part 2

By Kristi Lee | Canadian True Crime

[ Part 2 of 2 ] THE PAROLE HEARING: In September 2023, Richard Charles Joyce's first ever parole hearing was held. Not only was it deeply revealing, but new pieces of information also came to light that shocked the victims and survivors—and has resulted in several formal complaints.

Special thanks to Kerri Kehoe, “Catherine” (mother of survivor “Annie”), and Robert Rouleau.

This two-part series is closely connected to the previous episode titled The Nozzles Gas Bar Murder.

More informationStaff Sergeant Melanie Jefferies, Kingston Police – 2023 Award WinnerRichard Charles Joyce denied parole in first-ever Canadian long-distance hearing - The KingstonistCanadian True Crime Podcast examines heinous crimes of Kingston's Richard Charles Joyce - The KingstonistPhotos and news clippings will be available at our Facebook and Instagram pages

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