A Kingston Predator: Richard Charles Joyce—Part 1

A Kingston Predator: Richard Charles Joyce—Part 1

By Kristi Lee | Canadian True Crime

[ Part 1 of 2 ] “I have learned that secrets keep you sick, and this secret has kept me sick for 21 years.” - Kerri Kehoe


Additional content warning: this series is about three separate but connected cases of historic child abduction and sexual assault—and it includes some graphic details that will be difficult and distressing to hear. Please see timestamps below to help you navigate the episode. This two-part series is closely connected to the previous episode titled The Nozzles Gas Bar Murder.


When Kerri Kehoe was 11 years old she was abducted by child sexual predator. No one noticed she was missing and she decided to keep it that way. But Kerri remained haunted by what happened to her—and she would later learn that she wasn’t the only one.

Trigger Warnings - approximate timestamps:

4:30 to 11:50     Abduction of Kerri

— AD BREAK - Allow a few extra minutes —

20:40 to 23:45  Abduction of “Jane”30:00 to 35:45  Abduction of “Annie”

Special thanks to Kerri Kehoe, “Catherine” (mother of survivor “Annie”), and Robert Rouleau.

More informationSurvivor speaks against parole for serial child kidnapping rapist and murder, Richard Joyce - Kingstonist

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This month we have donated to The Children’s Treatment Center in Cornwall, Ontario, who for more than two decades has been providing high-quality counselling services to sexually or physically abused children and their families.

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