I Need French Food... Without Alliums

I Need French Food... Without Alliums

By Bon Appétit

Michelle loves all things French, and dreams of making the perfect Beef Bourguignon at home. But there's a slight issue: her husband has an intolerance to garlic and onions, the bedrocks of French flavor. Chris enlists the help of Chef Tanya Holland to teach Michelle how to develop deep umami flavors without alliums. 

The Recipes:

- Tanya's Chicken Fricassee

- Beef and Bacon Stew

- Red Wine and Soy-Braised Short Ribs

- Tuna Niçoise Salad

- Pissaladière

- Coq au Vin

For more French cooking techniques, Chef Tanya recommends:

- La Varenne Pratique

- Lulu's Provençal Table

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