Another Piece - Flavia Morellato

Another Piece - Flavia Morellato

By Global

Grab your dry brush, and a glass of water - it’s time for Another Piece! In this bonus episode Gregg is talking about Lymphatic Drainage and the benefits it has on our health. In on the conversation is Di from South Wales, and Calum from London, because who doesn’t love an everyman’s opinion? We’re week 6 in the series and Calum is starting to feel his best, he’s even been out and bought a jade roller for his face - tell that to his mates at Arsenal.

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Produced by Emily Sandford, Photography by Jiksaw, Artwork by Bill Roberts & Hannah Sims, Video Footage by Samson Falodun. The Head of Comedy and Entertainment Podcasts at Global is Chris Lander

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