Mike DeBardeleben (Part Five: Sadist)

Mike DeBardeleben (Part Five: Sadist)

By Unresolved Productions

"... Mike DeBardeleben is the best-documented sexual sadist since the Marquis de Sade. He's the one I used as the standard for all others."

Awaiting trial for the litany of crimes he'd committed over several years, Mike DeBardeleben couldn't do anything as authorities continued to dig around in his background. They'd learned about all of his failures - his familial relationships, his schooling, his marriages, his business - but now began trying to figure out how that resulted in this career criminal, who stood accused of not just counterfeiting, but assault, rape, kidnapping, and murder.

As investigators around the country began linking DeBardeleben to more than a dozen unsolved crimes, members of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit began analyzing the strange counterfeiter. What they learned was that this was not just a run-of-the-mill criminal. Rather, he was one of the most sadistic individuals they'd ever observed...

Research, writing, hosting, and production by Micheal Whelan

Music composed and created by Micheal Whelan

Additional music includes "Unresolved Mysteries" by Ailsa Traves (podcast theme song, end credits)

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