Could the Reform party overtake the Tories?

Could the Reform party overtake the Tories?

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There's only one poll that counts and that's the actual election and that's not today. We know that, we get it, but the latest numbers from YouGov are worth looking at to see a direction of travel that might be staring us in the face.

Tonight's poll for The Times puts the Conservatives on 19 percent and Reform Party just behind them on 15. Is it conceivable that they overtake today's party of government at the general election?

And what is the demographic that is propping up the newcomer Reformistas?

Later, why is the Rwanda bill being pushed back if there is - according to the PM - a 'migrant emergency'?

And we answer the question on everyone's lips - where is Jon's favourite Amish town - and what's it called..

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