Ancient Strategies For Managing Stress And Anxiety | Ryan Holiday

Ancient Strategies For Managing Stress And Anxiety | Ryan Holiday

By Ten Percent Happier

Digging into the nuts and bolts of Stoicism with one of its best-known modern proponents.

Ryan Holiday is a prolific author, whose books include The Obstacle Is the Way, Ego Is the Enemy, and Discipline is Destiny. His newest book, Right Thing, Right Now, comes out in June, and is available for pre-order now. Ryan is also the host of the Daily Stoic Podcast.

In this episode we talk about:

The history and theory of Stoicism, and some of its big names (including a former Vice Presidential candidate)Premeditatio Melorem, or thinking ahead to the worst possible outcome in order to avoid itMemento Mori, or being aware of the inevitability of one’s own deathAmor Fati, or “loving one’s fate” as a path to acceptance of realityJournaling as a key Stoic practice, of talking to oneself on the pageThe four Stoic values: Courage, Temperance, Justice, WisdomHow Stoicism and Buddhism overlap – and how they don’t

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