Is the NFL Draft the envy of European football?

Is the NFL Draft the envy of European football?

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Today, The Sports Agents catch NFL Draft fever and are joined by former cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys Jason Bell to explore how one pick can transform the fortunes of their beloved team, overnight. 

Colleen Wolfe then joins us live from Detroit to discuss the global audience for the 3-day event and why it represents the kind of league parity that European football fans can only dream of...

Who is number 1 pick Caleb Williams and how does a 22-year-old quarterback with a 'generational talent' tag already on his back, handle the pressure & expectation of Bears fans, like Mark Chapman.

Plus, Mark and Gabby react to Liverpool's defeat in the Merseyside derby and Wayne Rooney's suggestion that Jurgen Klopp announced his departure from Anfield at the wrong time.

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