How To Regulate Your Nervous System For Stress, Anxiety, And Trauma | Peter Levine

How To Regulate Your Nervous System For Stress, Anxiety, And Trauma | Peter Levine

By Ten Percent Happier

The creator of somatic experiencing shows Dan how to heal trauma through the body.


Peter A. Levine, Ph.D., has spent the past 50 years developing Somatic Experiencing. He holds a doctorate in Biophysics from UC Berkeley and a doctorate in Psychology from International University. His work has been taught to over 30,000 therapists in over 42 countries. He is the author of the new book, An Autobiography of Trauma.

Content warning: This episode includes discussions of rape and violence.

In this episode we talk about:

How to do somatic experiencing. You’ll see Dan play the role of guinea pig + make weird soundsThe difference between somatic experiencing and talk therapySomatic experiencing practices we can implement into our livesWhy some people feel horror/terror at the thought of re-occupying the body and how to overcome those fearsWhat the research says – and how these practices around body awareness have gone from the fringes to entering the scientific mainstreamAnd how to move through ancient wounds – and enrich our lives (whether we have trauma or not)Practices to fortify us in times of difficultyFacing mortality 

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