We Watched The Osbournes TV Show!

We Watched The Osbournes TV Show!

By Osbourne Digital Media

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This week, the Osbourne family unpacks the Met Gala's fashion highs and lows and revisits their iconic reality show. This episode offers a rare glimpse into their perspectives on the 2024 Met Gala, including standout outfits, the controversy over Katy Perry’s AI-generated celebrity appearance, and the event's extravagant costs. The conversation shifts as the family recently sat down together and re-watched  classic moments from "The Osbournes," sharing how it felt to relive those memories and the impact the show had on their lives and on reality TV as a whole. The family also discusses the evolution of reality TV, how streaming platforms have reshaped viewer engagement and our love for Mr. Beast. 

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The Osbournes Podcast Credits:

Peter Glowski, Executive Producer

Hannah Pittman, Producer

LB Horschler, Executive in Charge 

Cameron Tagge, Producer, Editor


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