Three Buddhist Practices For Getting Your Sh*t Together | Vinny Ferraro

Three Buddhist Practices For Getting Your Sh*t Together | Vinny Ferraro

By Ten Percent Happier

Practical advice from a straight-talking former criminal and occasionally profane dharma teacher.

Vinny Ferraro is the Guiding Teacher of the Big Heart City Sangha in San Francisco and has led a weekly sitting group for almost two decades. As a fully empowered Dharma Teacher thru Spirit Rock/IMS, he has taught residential retreats at Spirit Rock, Insight Meditation Society, and the Esalen Institute. Currently, he leads Spirit Rock's Year to Live course and teaches retreats and daylongs through Big Heart City and meditation centers across the country. He is a respected leader in developing and implementing interventions for at-risk populations. leading groups in schools, juvenile halls and prisons since 1987. He has led emotional intelligence workshops for over 100,000 youth on four continents.

In this episode we talk about:

AlignmentVinny‘s concept of “flashing your basic goodness”Noting practiceThe deep satisfaction in not seeking satisfactionRedirecting awarenessBeing an “empathetic witness” for yourselfWhen to opt for distractionNot taking what’s not yours Vinny’s ancestor practiceWhat is the connection between seeing our family patterns and not taking what is not ours?  How loyal have we been to our suffering?

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