What it's like to fail a drugs test

What it's like to fail a drugs test

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*Trigger warning* Some of the themes explored within our interview with Lizzy Banks contains mention of suicide and suicidal thoughts

Today on The Sports Agents, what's it really like for athletes living under the cloud of a failed drugs test?

Lizzy Banks, the UK cyclist who has spoken out against Anti-Doping authorities following her 10-month battle to clear her name - which ultimately cost her, her sporting career and almost her life.

Lizzy sheds light on the mind-blowing level of commitment it takes to be a 'clean athlete' and why WADA's rules are no longer fit for purpose.

Plus, Gabby & Mark pay homage to some monster times from British middle-distance runners in the run up to the Paris Olympics as Josh Kerr and Keely Hodgkinson impressed in Oregon over the weekend.

Running order:

Lizzy Banks interview (11:07)

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